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Ai ju thjk Sherlock Holmes thỳ vào đây júp em nhaz ~_~

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    1. What was the name of the landlady of 221b Baker Street?
    a.Mrs Jones
    b.Oprah Winfrey
    c.Mrs Bridges
    d.Mrs Hudson
    e.Lady Penelope

    2. Where did Sherlock Holmes keep his tobacco?
    a.in his pocket
    b.under his pillow
    c.on top of his cupboard
    d.under the carpet
    e.in his clipper
    f.in his wallet

    3. What was the curious incident of the dog in the night?
    Clue: Read Silver Blaze
    a.it growled
    b.it begged his food
    c.it ran away
    d.it didn' t bark
    e.it attacked the cat
    f.it bared it' s teeth

    4. Who was described as 'The Napoleon of Crime'?
    a.Jack the Ripper
    b.Inspector Lestrade
    c.Doctor Watson
    e.Professor Moriaty
    d.Harry Potter
    f.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    5. What was the name of the woman who outwitted Mr Sherlock Holmes? Clue
    a.Jane Austin
    b.Martha Stewart
    c.Irene Adler
    d.sally Cuthbertson
    e.Elizabeth Wiggins

    6. Which one of these articles would most likely have belonged to Dr Watson?
    a.A wrist watch
    b.A stethoscope
    c.A voodoo figure
    d.A medal of the French Legion de Honour
    e.A Persian Slipper
    f.A Shoe horn

    7. What story do these figures appear in: [​IMG]
    a.The Adventure of The Matchstick Men
    b.The Illustrated Cartoons
    c.The Dancing Men
    d.The Six Musketeers
    e.The Morris Men Gang

    8. Which is the most important attribute of a good police detective?
    a.A detective have good vision.
    b.A detective should be fit and healthy.
    c.A good detective should hate criminals.
    d.A detective must be honest.
    e.A detective must have a good memory.
    f.A detective must be smart!
    g.A detective must be ale to run fast.

    9. The Bruce Partington plans referred to what?
    a.Animal in a zoo
    b.How to rob a bank
    c.Big Ben
    d.A fire escape ladder
    e.A submarine
    f.The Oval Office

    10. What type of horse-drawn carriage was used as a taxi in Victorian times?

    a.A three-wheel carriage
    b.A hansome cab
    c.A hearse
    d.A kangaroo
    e.The Queen' Royal Coach

    11. When did Sherlock Holmes live at 221b Baker Street?
    a.In th 20th century
    b.During the French revolution
    c.When the King Henry V111 was on the throne
    d.Between 1881 - 1904
    e.When Napoleon was Emperor

    12. Which of these hobbies did Sherlock Holmes enjoy? Clue
    a.Making tea
    b.Building doll's house
    c.Stamp collecting
    d.Gambling on the horses
    e.Coin collecting
    f.Bee keeping

    13. What was Doctor Watson's first name?

    14. When according to the stories was The Legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles written? Clue
    a.When the telephone became popular
    b.When gramophone records were invented
    c.When the Hound of the Baskervilles escaped
    d.During the reign of King Arthur
    f.When television invented

    15. Which publication first featured a Sherlock Holmes story and when was it published?
    a.The Times 1888
    b.The Strand Magazine 1891
    c.The Illustrated London News 1895
    d.Beeton' s Christmas Annual 1887
    e.The New York Times 1969

    16. Which country did Sherlock Holmes visit with Doctor Watson?
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    a hem thix se lock hum của chú,ráng đợi đi kekeke
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    =)) =)) báo cáo với anh, em là girl anh đừng đổi jới tính em nhaz
    mà hình như Rainy post nhầm box thỳ fãi, ai júp Rainy chuyển bài nì sang box Đố vui - Trắc nghiệm jùm Rainy nhaz, thx nhìu :-*